Tuesday, September 20, 2011

{Beef and Noodles}

Now that the weather has started to feel more like fall, I've been aching to cook heartier meals. I have some beef in the oven simmering away right now with onions and fire-roasted tomatoes. It smells like heaven in here. Actually, scratch that. I just pulled the pot out of the oven and gave it a taste test. Oh...I'm hungry and it's not for supper tonight! I'm making it to reheat for supper tomorrow night. Wednesdays are busy days for us since I take Zach to Richmond for his allergy shots after he gets home from school.

Supper tonight will be homemade tacos, cheesy rice and refried beans. The kids love taco night. I'd rather have tacos from the Mexican restaurant since I can NOT seem to replicate their recipe at home. But, until we win the lottery and can afford to eat out on a whim...homemade tacos will have to do!

I have not been feeling the greatest lately so I haven't really cooked anything in a week other than just grilling a piece of meat and boiling some veggies. True excitement there, let me tell ya...

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